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Halloween Costume Guidelines

Halloween Costume Day at Hart will be Friday, October 29th! Students who wish to wear costumes must adhere to the guidelines below.

  • No full facial coverings. Students are still required to wear their COVID-19 masks, but cannot wear anything which covers their whole face.
  • Use good taste. Please do not wear a costume which would embarrass you or anyone else. Costumes which have a violent or sexually offensive theme, a political, religious or racial theme, or reference drugs or alcohol will not be permitted. All students should feel safe, valued and respected in school.
  • Students must wear shoes.
  • No roller skates, roller blades, skate boards or scooters.
  • Costumes should not interfere with the student's regular classroom/school activities (i.e. they should be able to sit down, and move about the building & classroom with ease). This is an academic day of learning.
  • Costumes should not make noise. Costumes which require fans to keep them inflated, or make music or other sounds will not be permitted.
  • Please avoid the use of props.
  • Costumes must be put on at home. There will be no school time provided for changing into costumes.
  • If colored hair spray or make-up is part of your costume, it should be kept to a minimum, and put on at home prior to boarding a bus and/or coming to school.
  • Hair spray and make-up products should not be brought to school.

Students who have questions regarding costume choices should ask a teacher, Counselor or Administrator for guidance.

We want this to be a positive and exciting day for ALL Hart students. As always, our students should Lead with H.A.R.T.!