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Meet Our Counselors:

Last Names A - Did

Madeline Mershman/Karin Crabtree

(248) 726-4514

Last Names Die - Koz

6th Grade - Madeline Mershman/Karin Crabtree (248) 726-4514

7th Grade - Lauren Field (248) 726-4519

8th Grade - Brooke Govern (248) 726-4520

Last Names Kp - Rod

Brooke Govern (248) 726-4520

Last Names Roe - Z

Lauren Field (248) 726-4519

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Important Dates and Information

Hart Welcome Letter

Counseling and Attendance Office Support:

Counseling Secretary

Anne Maloney

Phone (248) 726-4521
Fax (248) 726-4505

*Counselor Support

*Family and Student Support

*New Students

*Transfers and Drops 

*Academic Records and Testing


Attendance Secretary

Cathi Clark

Phone (248) 726-4507
Fax (248) 726-4505

* Attendance

* Medical Action Plans 

*Health Information and Medications 

*Immunization Records

* Homework Requests

*Work Permits

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